WordPress Website Design

WordPress currently empowers over 75 Million sites throughout the world, and roughly about 15% of top million websites worldwide representing small, medium and big business currently run on the WordPress platform. And, that’s not all – over 30% of the websites are powered by WordPress, which clearly goes to show you that this platform is extremely powerful!

And, all these stats also go to show you that WordPress is a popular choice of web design platform among the amateurs and pros alike. But, when it comes to WordPress website design, you need professional design agencies like iQuest Media to handle the task.

100% Responsive Image

We create extremely compelling layouts, and 100% responsive web design that appear beautifully on mobiles, tablet PCs, and laptops alike. So, it doesn’t matter whether you see our designs on a 5 inch tablet, 11” netbook, 13” laptop or a massive 24” PC screen, they’ll always appear equally GREAT!

It took just 2 days for WordPress 3.3 to reach 1 million downloads after its launch, and that’s the same time that we need to create a concept layout design, and show it to our clients, and seek approval.
Once we get the consent to go-ahead with the design, we fully code the functionality within the WP template, set it up, and install the desired plugins to deliver a fully-functional site.

Our Latest Designdesign-process

mobile Mobile-Friendly
Responsive Design

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