Doc/Slide Sharing Service

Doc/Slide Sharing Service

Doc sharing and sharing slides have become one of the most important tools for organizations as well as online businesses to spread more information awareness about their products and services in a much lesser time.

If you have tried almost every method of online marketing, but have not achieved the desired results, then a strategic slide sharing and doc sharing campaign may have all the answers that you need!


Our Process

On your behalf, we create 300+ words long informative documents, and circulate them in an organic manner across leading doc/slide sharing websites such as SlideShare, Scribd, DocStoc, think free, and the likes of them.

We help corporate businesses make use of these document sharing sites for distribution of their PowerPoint Presentations and other important business documents with their users and clients.

Slide and document sharing is easily one of the most effective methods of grabbing the attention of your target viewers in a much shorter span of time, and you just need a team of experienced professionals like us to carry out the job in a result-oriented manner.

Impact on SEO

The websites that allow online documenting publishing also help you in getting quick recognition across search engines and social media. One of the best points of these slide and document sharing websites is that they offer their services without any cost, which in turn helps our clients save a lot of up front marketing costs. But, it is also about how the documents are shared in a strategic and effective way and we do that exactly for you.

So, if you are looking for a secure and reliable way of uploading and sharing your presentations or if you want your customers and clients to learn more about your new products and services without making use of conventional mails then get in touch with RobinGupta today!

What We Do (Key Features):-

  • All our backlinks are built manually only on High PR sites.
  • Our strategy is Google friendly.
  • We will write 300+ word unique content.
  • Only Live Links.
  • Full Report Upon completion.