With the tremendous rise in popularity of mobile applications, the need to mobilize access to new/existing applications is quite evident across all industries and domains. With explosion of high speed networks, it has become greatly necessary for software firms to provide a mobile version of their application, in order to keep the smartphone users happy.


Why Do You Need iQuestMedia’s Support

In order to create a great mobile user experience, businesses need a partner who can understand mobile technology and create seamless, secure, context-aware experiences in a world that is connected the mobile way. This is where we step in!

Our knowledge of mobile technology has been helping us deliver a complete suite of mobile app services to help our clients visualize, plan, draft, design, develop, integrate and test mobile apps for their enterprise for several years now.


The experience that our team has gained in building mobile apps over all these years helps them identify the key challenges and constraints common in the process of mobile app development from the user’s point of view. We take utmost care to address these challenges and constraints during the development phase.

We Have a Skilled
Team of Mobile
App Developers

All the mobile app developers in our team know it for a fact that the mobile app world is ruled by context and are aware thatcomplete knowledge of the objectives and context of the user are of utmost importance in developing an innovative and robust product to enhance the business potential of customers.

Improve Your
Bottom-Line with
Higher Conversions

If professional mobile app development is what you are looking at, we can help you develop mobile apps that help you convert mobile customer interactions into revenue chances and enhance your business operations with employee productivity apps.

100% Scalable
and Secure Apps

We have built scalable and secure apps for both enterprises and consumers across different platforms like Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, J2ME, Android and more. Further, we also provide a comprehensive mobile app development lifecycle to assist you in designing, developing, testing, and delivering your mobile apps to the target audience.

Port Your Existing Apps

We have also handled projects wherein we have assisted our clients in porting their existing apps to diverse platforms, while retaining or improving the key features, usability and functionality.

Our Foray of Mobile App Development Services

Here’s a brief rundown of the capabilities of our team in mobile application development:

  • Full mobile app development lifecycle starting from understanding the needs of our clients to delivering a comprehensive application, which also includes registering it with the appropriate App Store.
  • Complete testing of multi-platform mobile app by considering several mobile carriers, networks and devices.
  • Porting or multi-platform development, including BlackBerry, J2ME, Windows Mobile,Brew, Android, and Symbian.

In short, we possess extensive experience and comprehensive expertise required for developing dynamic, rich web-based and native mobile applications that support tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices. Our team of mobile app developers is expert in using programming languages like C++, Java, and Objective C to develop native apps that run on different operating systems.

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