Android Application

Android Application

We are one of the leading Android application development solution providers backed by a powerful team of professional Android app developers, who help client businesses race ahead of competition.

Android is an open source and highly flexibleplatform that can be used to develop feature-rich apps at affordable cost. At RobinGupta, we always keep pace with the latest technologies to provide unmatched services to the clients.


Android is the Next Big Thing!

With people around the world using more and more Android devices today and an increase in the adoption of Android devices by mobile manufacturers, there is no doubt that development of applications based on this platform is a service that cannot be ignored by anyone. Today, this open source stack sits beside a fresh wave of operating systems devised for more and more powerful mobile hardware. Android Application Development solutions provide new potential for mobile apps by providing an open environment.

Focused Apps That Are
Guaranteed to Enhance
User Engagement

Irrespective of whether you want an app for improving the productivity of your company staff or a contest oriented app to communicate with your customer in store or even a multimedia oriented app that blends content and sends it to your users, we can assist you create a good solution that will offer your customers a great experience.

We Design Apps for All Devices and Screen Resolutions

Our team of seasoned Android app developers is highly skilled in developing apps for Android devices, including tablets, phablets, and all kinds of smartphones. We optimize the application design depending on your needs so that you avail a customized user experience with the app.

We support all modern Android OS versions of 4.0 and higher, and create apps that work like a charm on most modern smartphones such as Nexus One,Nexus 4,Galaxy S, S2, S3, and S4, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2/3, and all popular Android tablets as well.

We will work very close with your right from the application conceptualization to its app store deployment. And, you can be completely assured that you’ll never get any ugly last-moment surprises at all.

Support Resolution

We support all popular screen resolution levels ranging from 480 X 800 (hdpi), 800 X 1280 (xhdpi), 720 X 1280 (xhdpi), down to 768 X 1280 (xhdpi), 480 X 854 (mdpi), and more

Contact us today for robust and scalable Android application development that rivals even the best of the apps in today’s market. Whether you want to upgrade an existing Android application of develop a new customized one, get in touch with us!

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